Split batch costs in stock valuations into seperate colums in export files

I think what I am looking for is fairly simple. At present when running a stock valuation it give total value. When you download the valuation to give to accountant you then find in brackets in the first column (Description) the individual breakdown is give in brackets ingredient cost, packaging cost WIP etc per litre. it would be great to get these into individual columns and even better if ingredient costs can broken down further to gran, hops, yeast etc and that the additional costs that was recently added could also be broken down such utilities and labour costs (that’s what I have added per batch). This would greatly help when trying to give accountant information for accounts and inline with the chart of accounts

Thanks for the suggestion, Rodger, I’ve moved your message into the feature requests section so this can be voted for and tracked through to implementation :+1:

Hi Luke

Just adding a screenshot of what I mean. It would be great to have the highlight figures in separate fields. I have also notices that the figure attached to ingredients also includes the batch utility/labour costs if utilised (great feature). However this becomes a pain with the accountant as we figured he has been adding values for utilities etc to stock valuations not knowing that they have been included in ingredient costs. It would be fantastic if the CSV file can show those costs individual columns.


Thanks, Rodger. This has been implemented now :tada: The extra columns are only shown in the Excel export, not on screen and will only show for newly run stock valuations. You can wait for Breww to run its regular monthly valuation for you, or you can run one manually at any time to try this out.

I hope this is useful, and please let us know if you have any questions or feedback :+1:

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