Show Item Price Post Discount on Invoices

Would it be possible for invoices to have the option to show the price per unit for each product, including any applicable discounts?
Currently invoices show the list price, then show the discount per item. In my experience customers like to know up front what they are paying for each item, inclusive of any discounts.

Not displaying the discounted price ex VAT means the customer will have to work out their price per item manually. It has been the first thing remarked upon by several customers who immediately ask what they are paying for each container so they can work out what to charge on the bar.

Also, having the price per item shown including discounts makes credit notes easier to produce. No need to manually subtract any discounts from the list price of each item. In order to work out what you need to be crediting back to the customer in the case of Ullages or Sale & Return etc

Thanks for putting this forward, Toby.

Have you tried the process described in How can I hide product-line-level discounts on the PDF invoice?

If that doesn’t do what you need, please let us know why and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Cheers :+1:

If the existing functionality doesn’t do what you’re looking for, please follow up in the next 7 days, or this request will be automatically closed. Thank you :+1: