Display the unit price on price books with custom invoice templates?

Looking at using price books properly for distribution etc, on the invoice is it possible to show the unit price per unit when the discount has been applied? It currently groups the items together to give an overall figure?

It would mean we can use the standard book to inform the price books with discount automatically and customers with usual discount can see the unit price not just their discount amount and standard price which in the past has meant distro customers have been charging their margin on top of the standard price.

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I too would like the single unit discounted price on the invoice

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Yes It looks like you could do this in a custom template.
Is the issue really showing base & discounted price (rather than showing the discount amount)?
In which case you could maybe change the “Discount” column header to say “Discounted Price”, or whatever…
and replace the bit of template that outputs the discount with something like
{{ "ÂŁ%.2f" % (line.original_unit_value_raw - line.total_discount_value_raw) }}
I haven’t tested this properly, and I may have missed the point)

if you want official help for templates, you’re supposed to raise a support ticket I believe :wink:

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Hi all - we’ve launched a new feature that we think might cover what you’re looking for!

You can now choose to hide the invoice line-level discounts on an invoice PDF using a setting on your price book. It won’t show that there has been a discount at all on the invoice PDF, just the final discounted unit value, the line total and the line tax amount. Does this cover what you need, or would you also need it to display both the original and final unit values?

I’m going to assume that nothing further is needed here, but if it is, please open a new feature request with what is needed and why it’s not covered by the feature mentioned by Max in the previous post. Thank you :+1: