Return Workflow Improvements. Option to create credit note, stock adjustment or ullage etc

There’s a couple of suggestions I’d like to add for the ‘returns’ workflow:

  1. Treat a Return as a transaction similar to a Delivery with a status of Requested, Returned or Complete. This means Requested returns can be scheduled as uplifts with delivery runs. We also then have a Return list of customer requested returns out in trade, linked to the original order.

  2. If the Return has the status of Requested, there should be a button to mark the goods returned to the brewery. By filtering the Return list, we now have visibility on goods awaiting inspection.

  3. Once a Return has a status of Returned, some shortcut buttons should be available to:
    a. Create a credit note, auto-filling with the line items from the Return, and the full amount originally paid. (But editable before saving in case there is only a partial refund required, perhaps for partial ullage for example.)
    b. Create a stock adjustment if the goods are damaged or return them to stock.
    c. Create a new order and delivery to return the goods to the customer or provide a replacement.
    d. Mark the Return Complete.

Some of my suggestions are also linked to this thread:

My workflow suggestions only improve on the prescribed workflow here:

Thanks, Simon, this is really useful information and would make for a much-improved process :smile:

As always, if anyone else would find this useful (I’m sure plenty of you will) then please give this a vote with the button in the top-left to help push it up the priority list.