Ullage/Returns/Credit Notes

Hi all,

We had quite a few COVID returns, ullage and credit notes raised over the past year and wanted to find out we could integrate the different aspects to make it a bit more easy to use. Please let me know if I am doing this wrong.

For example. If I wanted to raise a uplift for 1 x container, plus ullage 2 part fills with a credit note. I have to go to the delivery to return to full one, then test to see if I can re-sell, then ullage along side the part fills and then come back out and raise a credit. Which I cant see how to do that for the part filled litres? (can’t raise a credit on part filled/dipped containers).

Could we have an Ullage/Uplift section on a customer page that enables you to do all these things and then you click a button that would automatically raise the credit note with the values from the associated invoices. Could you choose credit full amount or duty amount?

It was never an issue for us before, but have been hit by it recently.


Hi Richard,

Oh sure, I think having an option of raising a credit note automatically upon ullaging would be a great efficiency improvement! Now that the customer page has a “Containers in trade” tab, it would make a lot of sense I think to be able to start ullages from there, then we could also add the ability to raise a credit note for the value of the sale x the percentage of taxable volume that was ullaged. Then everything can be pretty much sorted from one page for each customer, which would speed things up.

I’m not sure what you mean I’m afraid about this one I’m afraid, wouldn’t this be a matter of raising a Credit note for the value of the remaining beer in the container? Breww can also ullage a certain volume of beer from a container, under the “Quantity ullaged (L)” field on the ullage form. Or if you have a part-filled cask in-stock that was returned from a customer, you can have the duty reclaimed by simply emptying the remainder from the cask.

Hope that helps but let me know if not!


Brilliant, it would make it much more simple. If you can choose uplift the container. Then test the beer and choose either uplift or ullage. Both would still trigger a credit note but one would put the stock back in our inventory and the other would put ullage it completely.

With regards to duty, I think for compliance reasons you would need to claim the duty back on both uplift and ullage. Then re-charge on delivering the uplifted container to a new customer? This would be much more traceable but not sure what you think?

forget the credit note for part filled, I worked it out but again it was a bit long winded of doing a manual calculation on the litres left in a container after weighing or dipping.

Thank you again


Hi all

I agree that having an option of raising a credit note automatically upon ullaging would be a great efficiency improvement.

Something else that would improve the process would be if when raising a credit note the customer’s price book was taken into account so that rather than having to manually add their discount level in it would automatically be applied to a product. Currently there is a risk of over-crediting a customer.

Cheers, Gemma.