How to return delivered items back to stock

Return the stock

If you need to return items from an order, you can use the Return items button on the completed delivery page to return items into stock. This can be used for all types of products, including casks, kegs, stock items and more.

Returned items are considered re-saleable, but they can be removed from stock if required. For reference, products can be removed from stock by going to the product itself and selecting ActionsStock adjustmentReduce stock. Alternatively, if you need to return empty tracked containers from a customer (and they’re now empty), you can use the process described in Returning empty tracked containers from customers.

Crediting the customer

Simply returning stock from a customer doesn’t automatically credit the customer (as this may not always be what’s needed). If you’d like to credit the customer, you’ll need to raise a credit note for them too. This credit note can then either be refunded or kept on file and used as “payment” towards a future order.

Beer duty implications

Any beer products returned are considered duty-paid by Breww, meaning that if you re-sell the product, you will not incur duty twice. Breww will automatically make a duty reclaim on your beer duty calculation if you subsequently spoil a returned product.