Purchase orders are now fully supported

Happy Friday everyone!

What a week this has been :partying_face: On one hand, Boris has given us hope that there’s light at the end of the tunnel & pubs will be back with a tax-reduced boost in beer sales… and on the other hand… the Breww team has given you Purchase Orders! I know which I’m most excited about, but then again, I’m not an accountant :wink:

Since the dawn of Breww, we’ve used Inventory Receipts to let Breww know you have received a delivery of stock items and to increase your stock levels. This hasn’t changed. However, you can now add Purchase Orders (POs) onto the front of that process if you wish. They’ll give you more useful information and reporting, but if you don’t want that benefit, you don’t need to use them at all - everything else will continue to work just as it did before.

If you raise a purchase order in Breww when you place an order with a supplier, we’ll generate you a PDF purchase order document and will keep a record of what you ordered. From this PO, you can raise an inventory receipt to confirm the delivery has been received and increase your stock levels. We’ll show you a handy breakdown of how much stock you’ve received vs how much ordered and it’s colour-coded so it all makes sense at a glance… here’s an example:

Generating an inventory receipt from a PO is just a couple of clicks, so don’t worry, you won’t need to spend time adding all the items again. Here’s what the dialogue to generate a new inventory receipt looks like:

This has been a heavily requested feature so we’re delighted to be launching this today and it’s included for no extra charge in all Breww packages. What’s shown in this post is just a little snippet to whet your appetite, so jump into the Inventory section of your Breww account and give it a try.

At Breww, we firmly follow the philosophy of deploying new features “little and often”. Now, whilst this was by no means a “little” feature, we’ve released this as soon as it was complete enough to be genuinely useful. We’ve got the following further improvements to purchase orders which will be available in the next couple of weeks:

  • Email PDF purchase order to supplier in a couple of clicks (similar to emailing invoices).
  • Confirm inventory receipts as invoiced by supplier and have them uploaded to your accounting platform as a “bill” or “supplier invoice”. This will be optional, so you can choose if you want this to be enabled or not.
  • The ability to edit the item prices on an inventory receipt after posting it and have this update all stock item and batch costings throughout Breww. This is useful if you receive the delivery, but when the invoice from the supplier arrives a few days later, you need to modify the cost price.

If there’s anything else you’d like to see added or you have any suggestions, please comment below. If you find this feature useful, please let us know - we love to hear feedback on new features :beers: