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We are looking to create purchase orders for none stock services (such as ordering lab equipment maintenance) without having to add items to the purchase order. Currently we’re having to create an item with no value or stock relevance in order to create said invoice.
It would be helpful if we were able to create invoices either with only additional costs or with a non-stock items section.
It would also be helpful to view purchase order pdfs prior to sending it, or be able to download it for records/email from a different account.


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Thanks for the suggestion, Alistair. We think a section for non-stock item purchases would be a great addition.

I can see that you haven’t voted for your own request, so that is worth doing, as this helps with our prioritisation (more info here). If anyone else would like to see this, please also give this thread a vote with the button in the top-left.

You should be able to do this already. If you’re on the “edit” screen, then you can click the View summary button in the top-right and then choose ActionsPrint. This should let you save it to your computer to email too. I hope this helps :smile:

Was just about to post the same suggestion!

I was thinking of creating a stock item called “Non Stock Item” which we can apply to the order and then we can add comments to say what it actually is. Then doing a stock adjustment to remove any quantities in stock.

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Thanks, Ben. Yes, that approach sounds like a great workaround for now, but we will of course see if we can implement the feature itself :+1:

Good news, this has now been implemented :tada:

We’ve been able to leverage the existing “Additional costs” functionality to allow you to add non-stock items to purchase orders and inventory receipts.

Simply use the “Add cost/discount” button, and choose the line type of “Service or non-stock item”. You can then enter a title for the item, its price and more. I’d recommend choosing the “No allocation” option for the costs as on a service like this (unlike something like a delivery charge), you probably don’t want to spread the cost of the item over any stock items on the document and impact their landed costs.

A PO/IR can be finalised now, as long as it has at least one stock item or one service/non-stock item. Previously there had to be at least one stock item.

We hope this is useful, and thank you for requesting this & helping us to make Breww even better :smile:

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