Prevent scanned items from being re-allocated to different orders

In some instances, we build pallets in advance of shipment (e.g. multi-pallet orders for export). As the pallets are built, kegs and cases are scanned to the order.
Sometimes when we go to ‘dispatch’ the order on Breww, it shows the message ‘some items scanned have been over-allocated’.
This can’t actually be possible, as the kegs/cases with those IDs are on the pallets that have been built, which means someone has selected auto-allocate for a different order and Breww has re-assigned these items to that order instead.
Can Breww build a feature to prevent scanned products from being re-allocated to other orders? It could move them to a ‘holding’ area and show them as unavailable for scanning, so auto-assign should only select available stock.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Jenny.

Breww’s auto-allocate shouldn’t ever “steal” stock that’s already assigned to another order, so that won’t be what’s happening here. Also, trying to manually assign a keg to a delivery that’s already been assigned to a different delivery will be rejected (and the first delivery to have it assigned will keep it).

I’m not quite sure how you’ve got to the situation that you’re describing, to be honest, but we’re actually planning to start building Pallets for grouping stock and assigning/moving as a group very soon, so I’d be tempted to suggest we put this on hold until after that’s built as it might well solve the problem (and give you all the benefits of proper support for pallets). How does that sound?

I believe the reason that you’re getting into this situation is that stock is assigned to a delivery and then removed from Breww before the delivery is completed (e.g. by a stock take or manual adjustment).

For this reason, I think we’re best to close this as the pallets feature should effectively fix this for you and that’s coming soon. If pallets doesn’t fix it and you’re still having trouble then, please feel free to re-open this. Cheers.

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