Pivot table reporting - better data analysis within Breww

We’re excited to release the first part of a series of updates to Breww’s reporting suite. We’ve been working on a pivot table analysis tool and have enabled this on the pre-built All sales report as a starting point :tada:

We plan to roll this feature out over other pre-built reports and your own Raw data explorer reports in the coming weeks/months.

To get started, go to the All sales report and choose one of the Pivot analysis options in the Output style field. You will be able to build your own pivot table analysis using all of the data in the normal version of this report (now known as “Simple table”). We’ve added a few examples for you, but the number of different ways that you can dig into your data with the new pivot table tool is nearly limitless!

Here’s a sneak preview of the sorts of analysis you can do:

To the top-left of the pivot table is a new “Configure Pivot” button. If you click this, a sidebar will open on the right and allow you to choose which data types you’d like to view as rows, columns and more. You can also choose which “Values” you’d like shown, such as the total of a column (“sum”), an average, a count of rows, and more. When you’ve finished adjusting the report to your needs, simply close the sidebar with the “Done” button at the top of the sidebar. We’ll add full documentation on how to use the pivot features in the future, but it’s fairly self-explanatory, so we didn’t want to delay launching the feature for the documentation to be complete :wink: Not to mention that build reports is far more exciting than writing documentation!

So, grab yourself a beer (it’s the first Friday of Wet-February after all), try it out and let us know what you think by replying to this thread. It would be great to gather feedback and ideas before we add this to other reports in Breww.

Enjoy :beers:


This is pretty awesome! Any plans to add pivot charts as well?

At the moment I export raw data from Breww (via the automated emails method) and have those go to a folder where they’re then imported into a PowerBi report with customised charts, but it would be nice to just have some pre-built charts directly viewable in Breww (given all the data, filters etc. are already there, and there’s already a hint of chart capability on the dashboard).


Hi Cornel!

We are glad to hear you like the new pivot table reporting! The answer is a very short Yes! You can, in fact, use the chart functionality today. If you run a pivot table report, then click on Chart in the top right it will load a pivot chart based on the values set on the table and you can using the Configure pivot button, modify how the chart displays.

If you have any questions at all just let us know!

I also pull data exports into PowerBi so very keen to see some charts in Breww too.

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Awesome! Looking forward to seeing this rolled out to the rest of the Breww reports (especially custom ones).

Breww custom report > automated daily xlsx emails > power automate to save the files from the emails to a dedicated Sharepoint folder > PowerBI pulls the data from that folder and publishes a custom report directly to a tab in a Teams channel.

Automation heaven!

…and possibly redundant if Breww is about to start letting us make our own custom charts from custom reports :slight_smile:


Thanks Cornel and Adam. It’s great to hear the Pivot tool is going down well so far!

We’re going to continue working to roll this functionality out over other pre-built reports and our custom reporting tools. I think the right next step is for us to complete this project and then once our existing plans are in place we can review what more could be done either internally in Breww or via automatic data syncing to PowerBI & other similar tools.

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It would also be helpful to have more field options to add to the pivot table - like beer name and actual costs. These are the fields that we end up adding to the report manually in excel in order to make our own pivot tables.

Hi Alyssa, thanks for your suggestion! I can see how having these fields would be a helpful addition to the report; if you could add your suggestion to the More fields in "All Sales" report (for use in pivot table reporting) feature request, as well as your vote that would be great! Cheers!