Payment Methods

Hi. Would be good to see an option on trade store where customers can choose from a list of predetermined (on customer type/individual level) payment options. So that we could for example prevent first orders on NET terms and have combination of options.

Secondly, card payment option on actual store or does that exist when stripe is integrated?


Thanks Jack. The trade store payments (via Stripe) task is in-progress at the moment. When this is done, it should cover a lot of what you’re looking for here. It’s probably best to keep an eye on the part that’s in progress, and then once that’s released, letting us know what extra you’d be looking for. Cheers :+1:

Hey Jack, the first version of our trade store payments platform was launched today

Could you review the options now available and let us know what you’d like to see extra/different?

Thanks and we really appreciate the feedback!