Partial Ullaging of Racked Casks

When racking a number of casks to small pack or bright beer, it would be very helpful to be able to partially ullage the remaining waste beer, representing the lost product left in the cask, and separate from the remaining usable beer in the remaining cask.

For example, today I have racked out of 8 firkins in a variety of small pack and other tracked containers. As a result, I have 43.2l of beer left over. Approximately half of this has been lost as ullage, but the other half is still in a container. Currently I am unable to split this ‘lost beer’, and so I cannot complete the rack out, as it is more than a single cask can hold.

Thanks for the suggestion Jake and welcome to the community! You’ve raised a good point! It sounds like allowing you to override the remaining volume in the cask afterwards would really help here. Then you’d be able to override the 43.2 L that Breww thinks is remaining with, say, 20 L, and Breww could then automatically ullage the remainder. What do you think?