Moving/Racking from Product to Storage Tank

We have a batch that was originally racked from fermenter to 50L kegs. Now, for reasons, we have moved it out of those kegs and into a storage tank (vessel).

While I can find a way to empty kegs, I couldn’t find a way to rack from a keg product back to a storage tank. Also, I can’t find away to manually adjust a the volume held in a storage tank, unless it’s somehow linked to a batch.

As it stands we have quite a lot of beer in a storage tank, which was removed from 50L kegs (which have since been refilled with other beer) and is somehow now a “ghost” beer in Breww.

Hi Phil,

Thanks for getting in touch.
It’s currently not possible to rack from kegs into vessels. What I’d suggest here is that you undo the batch racking action. You can do this by going to the batch’s page, clicking on the Actions tab at the bottom, then clicking the undo button on the racking action. You can then transfer the batch to a different vessel if needed.
You can then rack the required batch into the kegs.
I hope this solves this for you, let me know if you need anything further.


Thanks Matt.

Unfortunately, the relevant batch is already “Complete” so undoing the racking is not possible (well at least not as far as I can see on the Batch page or from reading the Help pages. Maybe I missed it?)

Hi Phill,

Actions are undone in reverse chronological order, so you may be able to undo the completion and then the racking, if you haven’t tried that already. There are some situations where you can’t undo actions as when further actions have blocked them, such as undoing rackings of already sold kegs.
If you try undoing the batch actions from the bottom up, that may work. Let me know if this solves it for you or not.


Hi Matt,

I guess that’s the next question: How do I re-open a completed Batch? I think I’ve tried every option on the Batch page but can’t find a way to do this.


Hi Phil,

If you can’t undo the completion action, then there will be something blocking it. If you can create a support ticket and give me access to your account, I’ll look into the best way to solve this for you. Please let me know the batch number in question in your support ticket.


I’ve got a similar problem. A storage tank was “racked” into a keg (actually 500L transit tank), and subsequently marked as lost. I don’t know how or why. (Although the loss action has got my name on it).

In fact, the beer is still in the storage tank. I can’t undo the racking, because there’s a loss record on it. I tried (foolishly, I guess) to dig my way out of this by adjusting the quantity of the 500L product, in the hope I could undo the racking that way. Of course, I can’t, all I could do is undo the adjustment.

Is there any way of either
(a) undoing the loss - it’s already on a duty return
(b) transferring from a container to a vessel
I guess not, from the discussion on the original post above

and also…
(c) If we can’t, why can’t we empty containers to an arbitrary vessel ?
this is something I’ve had to do for real a few times - e.g. when (small-scale) bottling beer that has
been sitting in cask.

Well, maybe. Since the previous messages, we launched a feature to undo the emptying of a container, but this only works on your own containers, not non-returnables, so it depends if your 550L tank was a tracked container or a non-returnable.

Because we haven’t built it yet :wink: But feel free to request it, there’s no reason why we can’t build this!

It was a non-returnable. My luck.

Thanks, anyway. I’ll take your advice and kick off a FR :+1:

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