Empty containers back into a vessel/tank (e.g. to allow blending two different packaged products to make a new beer)

We have a product which is made up on the day of delivery by blending 2 casks together
ie 1 cask of product 1 + 1 cask of product 2 = 2 cask of product 3.
It would be useful if Breww could handle this.

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Hi Ben,

Thanks for the suggestion and welcome to the community!

I can definitely see how this would be useful so if anyone else would like to see this feature in Breww, please use the voting button above to help move it up the development queue. I will make sure to update you if there are any developments on this feature.



If we could empty containers to a vessel (even if it was an “imaginary” one) this would be easy.


Good point, thanks Jon. Your suggestion might be the best way for us to go about implementing this :+1:

It would be great to have this feature. We have a barrel that we filled from 6 x KeyKegs, but there is no way to transfer from a packaged product to a vessel.

It’s not uncommon to cellar base product and then blend it with an aged product, but as far as I can see in Breww, once beer is racked in to a container—there’s no way to move it back out.

Yes, you’re right that this isn’t currently possible.

I’m going to merge the two related threads here as that will combine the votes and I feel that putting containers back into a vessel is the right way forward here for both requests.

If anyone else is looking for this, please give it a vote now with the button in the top-left.

It would be neat if we could empty containers to an arbitrary vessel.
i.e. transfer the contents of a container (emptying it in the process) to one of our vessels. Or from multiple containers.
This is something I’ve had to do for real a few times - e.g. when (small-scale) bottling beer that has
been sitting in cask.

I can see that there may be other applications, also :slight_smile:

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