On App Cleaning & Maintenance Records

Hi, I’m looking at moving our cask & keg cleaning records onto Breww as well as looking to entering specific records/readings needed for our HACCP plan (eg. recording glass breakages during a bottling run).

Since these aren’t scheduled as such and would need recording whilst a process such as kegging/bottling is in process (i.e hourly, after ‘x’ kegs, on bottle breakage) I would need to fill out a manual C&M record.
In order to do this (after creating the C&M process), I would need to go onto the website, Production → Manage (C&M) Processes → Manage Equipment → View Equipment → Manually Trigger C&M record → Enter Record → finally enter each reading/measurement in separate popup boxes.

Basically it’s pretty clunky and not conducive to entering some of this important information as you do the job.

This could be improved by adding C&M records to the app as a new tab, making it easier to create manual records & having the records fillable by a short form, especially since readings could be simple numeric or text entries, or even tick boxes is some situations.

It would be handy if records could also be linked to batch, than just equipment, since some of the data might need to brought up based on gyle (for example in the event of a product quality issue or even recall).

Seems there was a topic a year ago about implementing cask & keg cleaning records, was there any progress on that?