Additional info in CIP records

Hi would it be possible to have sections for recording peracetic acid (PAA) concentrations ,ATP results and what type of CIP was done, even just a blank box to type in the type of CIP.


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the suggestion. You should be able to do this already, but please do let me know if my suggestion doesn’t cover what you’re looking for.

When creating a “Cleaning/maintenance process” (this is the template that future records will use when the process is in use on a specific vessel or other pieces of equipment), you can add your own custom “Readings & measurements required”.

When you then complete a record of this clean, Breww will prompt you for a reading/input for each of these:

You can enter the readings with the “tick” button on the right, and they’ll be kept safely for you.

Can you let me know if this covers what you’re looking for and if not, what you’d like to see working differently so that it does? Thanks :+1: