Daily maintenance/cleaning records & "maintenance hub"

Hello lovely Breww people,

We have some cleaning and maintenance tasks that are done on a daily basis. Such as boiler blow downs, or calibration of lab equipment. Could a daily (or time to the hour etc) option be added to scheduled cleaning and maintenance logs?




Hi Jack,

Thanks for the suggestion here.
I’ll discuss this with the team and keep you posted!


Hi Breww team,

Has there been any update on this? It seems like it would be a great feature and would clear a big hurdle to us going fully paperless.


Hi Max,

There haven’t been any updates on this feature just yet but I will be sure to keep you posted as soon as we have any further developments with it.



I’m not sure if this has been requested in another thread but it would be very helpful to set maintenance task schedules to daily or twice a day. We check all our steam boilers, cold stores etc at least once a day and having this on breww would remove a lot of paperwork/excel sheets.

A central hub on the main screen under a new tab like the production main screen would be the ideal set up. So the engineer could look at all the equipment under a ‘plant’ tab like the tank cellar format and add all the daily readings.



Thanks for the suggestion, Freddie. This has been suggested before, so I’ll merge this (and the votes!) with the original request.

Thanks also for the idea of the “maintenance hub”, I really like this :+1:

Joining on for the love of this idea. Was about to post about it myself.

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I like the idea on the ‘maintenance hub’ - it’d be handy to click through to each piece of equipment to see an overview of maintenance history (scheduled, records and unplanned), spares inventory, and general notes to allow adding in links (to manuals diagrams etc stored on google drive etc).

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Agreed, we would definitely be able to get a lot of use from this tool!

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