Daily Rundown feature

I was wondering if there was a way to enable email notifications for a few different things:

  • When a brew is due to start. This would be helpful for contract brew partners so we can schedule ahead and then get reminders when they should be brewing

  • When inventory coming in is due to be delivered. This would be particularly helpful with the new kegstar system as we need to mark them as received when they come in so if we had a prompt on the system then if they didnt come in on the day they were meant to then we would be aware

  • I found the bit about email prompts for low inventory which will be helpful, i wonder if there is a way to round everything up in a daily email. Something at the start of the day that says this is how the day looks which would include whats brewing today, whats packing today, what is due to be delivered in today, how many deliveries are going out today, anything that is currently below par level

This could be either in an email form every morning or something on the dashboard of Breww that gave a daily run down?

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