No BB date on certain container types

Have just noticed that some container types don’t have a BB date on the delivery label. Anyone know where to look to fix this? Assume it’s to do with container type but can’t see an obvious setting to cause it.


Hi Lewis,

Good question, thanks for raising it on the community! Our guide on Best before dates (BBE - product expiry dates) explains how to set this, but the answer is to set a best before from delivery on the beer itself. As long as you have done this and have set the Label best before display option in SettingsDelivery settings Delivery label/document settings to “Display the best before end date on the label if possible”. You should be set.

Let us know if you have any questions at all!

It’s also possible on a per-container-type-basis to apply a custom stock label template. If you think this happens on some container types only, it may be worth checking that a custom template isn’t in use (that’s removed the BB date from being shown).

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Thanks for the replies. The beer was indeed missing date values on the product page :see_no_evil:

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I’ve had this problem & have sent beer without BBFs, which could cause us problems with trading standards.

It shouldn’t be possible for no BBF to be present on either label…