Best before dates (BBE - product expiry dates)

There are a few options to manage your best before dates in Breww.

Racking labels

Initially, from the beer’s edit page, you’ll want to add a best before date (in weeks from packaging). You can enter different figures for casks/kegs and smallpack. These BBE dates will be printed on the racking labels.

Delivery labels

In some cases, you might want to set a new best before date from delivery. These can also be defined from the beer’s edit page. These are optional and if set, the calculated dates will be displayed on your delivery labels, which you can stick over the racking labels to show the new best before date.

Additional best before weeks per customer type

It’s possible to add additional best before weeks, depending on the customer type. Go to CustomersSettings & toolsCustomer types. Then click the pencil icon to edit a specific customer type.