More than one SKU per stock item/supplier combination (allow suppliers to sell an item in multiple pack sizes)

For a Stock Item, I have one preferred supplier. He supplies in different SKU’s (Sizes).

For Example: he supplies Becosol (Bevasil fining for clearing the beer) in different sizes: 6Kg and 25Kg
At the moment these two can not be added to stock item as there is already a stock item / supplier combination.

I get this message:
You already have supplier details set up for this item. Only one SKU can be set per stock item/supplier combination.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Gerard.

At the moment, this restriction simplifies a few other things, which would need dealing with if we were to remove it; such as when adding the item to a PO/Inventory Receipt and entering the quantity purchased from the supplier. Other than having to re-work this and a few other similar parts that currently work on the assumption that there is a maximum of one pack size per supplier, there’s no reason why this restriction couldn’t be removed.

If anyone else would like to see this, please give this thread a vote with the button in the top-left, and we’ll see what we can do. Cheers.