Leads and Customers Maps

Is there a way to see Leads on a map and then together with Customers too.

It would help with route planning and also when at a loose end being able to quickly see where a near prospect or customer is!

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Thanks, Oliver. There is a customer map already - go to Customers in the main menu and choose the Customer map tab, but it doesn’t show leads.

We’ll keep this feature request open for adding a map of your leads.

You might also find Customer and lead mapping and visit (field sales) route optimisation would be useful. It’s not built yet, but I thought it worth mentioning in case you’d find it useful and want to give it a vote. Cheers.

To be able to see all ‘leads’ on a map would literally save me hours. I am currently using google spreadsheets and google maps to do this, but it would be SO useful to have it on Breww.

I completely agree with this. Indeed it would make for a much more complete CRM from a sales perspective.

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