Map-based lead pipeline builder 📍 🗺

We have an exciting update for everyone today!

You can now view all your leads and customers on a Google Maps map, and use this map to find new leads & add them to Breww in just a couple of clicks.

Simply go to the map at LeadsViewLeads map, and click on any business to see their information in a sidebar. Here you can see not only the business name, address, opening hours, etc, but photos (as provided by Google) to allow you to get a feel for if the business is suitable for you, for example, you may see that it’s owned by a major chain or an image showing their taps.

The best way to demonstrate the power of this new feature is with a short video…

We’d love to hear what you think :smile:


This is fantastic, thank you so much - will make route planning for our field sales person so much easier!

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Hi Luke - this looks to be a potentially very helpful feature. I have played around with it for a short while and have a quick query:

We have several leads we have sourced externally and it would be great to be able to search for their names on the Breww Map, then click on their marker to load them into Breww. Is there a way of doing this? If not, could the functionality one added?

The reason I ask is because externally sourced leads are quite hard to find on the map, and sometimes they are not marked/tagged.



Thanks, John. Searching for potential customers/leads isn’t possible at the moment, so I’ve split this off into a feature request for you (if it’s not in a “proper” feature request, it won’t be done), so if you can give that thread a vote, that would be great:


Is there going to be an update so you can search the map for potential customers via a search bar?

It would be incredibly useful tool to be able to use the map like you can in google maps.



Hi George,

Great question! This is actually already a feature request which has been raised; please see Allow searching the leads/customers map for potential customers to add. I would highly recommend adding your vote to this request and subscribing to notifications to get updates.