Label printing issues


i am having issues with alignment printing labels for casks, using the recommended Avery labels.

I have trawled settings on my printer and Breww, and cannot get them to align properly when printing on an A4 sheet (14 per page)

Any advice on this would be great!



Hi Rob,

Ah sure, happy to provide some guidance!

So Breww generates an A4 label document with the exact specifications of the recommended Avery label size. Unfortunately, however, every printer is slightly different and in addition to that are manually configurable by the user, so settings can vary a lot - and there are a variety of settings that might cause the document generated by Breww to not quite line-up perfectly with your labels.

To combat this Breww provides a number of “A4 Label” settings, that can be configured in Settings > Label settings. These allow you to tweak the margin, label widths and column spacing on the label PDF document that Breww generates, until it’s perfect for your printer’s specific set-up.

For example if the labels are being printed too closely together, you can use the “Horizontal label spacing” to tweak it in mm until it is perfect.

Hope that helps! But anything else just shout!


Hi Max,

Still fighting with this.

Currently they are too close together so the first pair sit correct but then they run to close. If I increase horizontal spacing by any amount it seems to kick the bottom 2 off, making it 12 a sheet (where as the labels are 14)

Adjusting the bottom margin also seems to not help either.

Very odd!

Hi Rob,

Ah interesting, my only thought would also be to perhaps decrease top margin as well to provide some more space for those labels?

Unfortunately this is one of the drawbacks of using A4 label printing - every A4 printer is different, and although they might print perfectly for our test printer, they don’t on another until tweaks have been made. You’d think after all these years of printing there’d be a standard!

If possible I’d definitely recommend taking a look at some thermal transfer / direct thermal label printers. There’s an upfront cost, but they do end up paying for themselves as there is no ink to purchase and the labels are cheaper. They’re extremely reliable - so there are time savings there too, and they should last a very long-time. We have a full-guide here with a recommended printer and the ribbons / labels necessary for them. The Zebra ZD420 is the latest model in the line we recommend, but the previous Zebra GK420T was also extremely reliable and you can get them pretty cheaply now on eBay:

We’re not affiliated at all with any of the recommended suppliers in that help document, we’ve just had good experiences with all of them - so feel free to shop around for the best deal!