Mac OS - Label Printing

Is anyone having success finding a label printer that plays nicely with Breww on Mac OS? I can print labels but as default, they print the wrong orientation, I can fix it, but the settings never save, and I need to adjust it before every label run.

Currently using a zebra 420 and also a godex rt700, seem to happen with both.

Thanks in advance!

You could try using Mac’s preset printer settings, but this may still need selecting each time you print, too and so not save you any time. I’m not 100% sure.

It also looks like it is possible to set default printer settings (page orientation in this case), although this is surprisingly complicated on a Mac! I’ve found this guide online, which I hope is useful, but can’t vouch for its accuracy as we didn’t produce it ourselves. If you’re able to follow that guide to set the default page orientation, that will hopefully solve this for you and save you from needing to change this setting every time.

I don’t think the printers themselves are the problem here, I think this is just printer settings and you’d likely have the same issue on a different printer. I hope this is useful.

We use a zebra zt220 with Mac OS. We have 4 x 3 as a paper option in the print settings but it’s a pain to get working and orientation is all over the place. But theres also a 3 x 4 paper option that works like a dream!

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