Integration with Yuki (by Visma) for financial administration

Breww already integrates with Visma, so hopefully it is a small step to also integrate it with Yuki by Visma.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

I believe that Yuki supports UBL/XML invoices, which, as of recently, Breww also supports (see UBL/XML invoice). Can you try enabling UBL invoices and see if this works for you?

Thanks, I will try that.

Will the “Internal accountant emails (can be used to send invoices to your own accountant)” section also include the UBL/XML invoices when entered?

Yes, the attachment(s) will be the same for the emails sent to your “internal accountant” email as those sent to your customers :+1:

Please do let me know if this works as expected.

@hans-anton-verschoor can you confirm if the UBL/XML invoice feature worked for you? Or do you still need a Yuki integration? Thanks.

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I’ve set this to close in 2 weeks as I’ve not heard back from you. If you do still need this integration, please reply here before then (or post it again if it’s closed by then).

So sorry I missed this. Yuki does indeed work with the UBL/XML invoice feature. Thanks!

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No problem, and thanks for confirming. Great to hear that this works for Yuki :smile: