How to see Ingredients from a batch over 60 days old

I want to check the ingredients & costings of a beer - I can see this by going to ‘Products’, locating the beer and going to ‘Incomplete & recent batches’ - but only for beers from the last 60 days. Why is this? How do I see this info for beers made before then?

Hi Tony, thanks for your message. You can quickly find this information by heading to ProductionViewAll batches. This will show all the batches you have created, where you can search for a specific batch, a beer name or apply filters to show batches that meet specific criteria. By selecting a batch, you can see a full breakdown of ingredients used against the batch. You can also select Reports, where you can quickly view the batch Cost report, which will give an overview of the batch costings. The Incomplete & recent batches tab shows a snapshot of a beer’s recent or incomplete production activity rather than an entire batch history. You may also find some of our reports resources in our reporting suite handy, such as the Stock item usage in beer batches report in the Raw data explorer, which will give you all the raw data on stock items (including ingredients) that have been used in beer batches, which can either be filtered on within Breww or exported to excel. You may also find the Batch distribution report helpful for further data surrounding the beer batch. This can be found by heading to Pre-built production and inventory reports. If you’d like a more specific report made, it would be great if you could raise a feature request and let us know what you would like that report to look like.