More (all?) historical batches on the beer page


It would really be convenient if all batches are listed under “incomplete and recent batches” I end up often wanting to check batches older than 2 months and am slightly annoyed I cannot easily access them on the beer page.

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Could you please extend the recent batches! Some beers have a longer turnover time than 60 days or refermentation and as we have beers that have delayed releases, I often see the batch I need to access disappearing. I also have a batch that is 55 days old not listed on there but I made a seperate ticket for that.

I think the beer pages should have an easy accessible list of all the batches made to be a proper beer page to be honest

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Still an annoying oversight I run into - seems an easy implementation? (I know you are very busy but wanted to highlight it again.

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Sorry that we haven’t been able to get to this yet, Gijs.

I’ve been looking into the best solution to implement for this feature. In the meantime, I just wanted to politely point out that on your main list of batches (Production > View all batches), you can search for a specific beer in the little search box on the right. I hope this is of some use in the meantime.