How to complete part of a batch while some remains not racked (in barrel for example)

Hi all,
Still getting to know Breww after a few months, I am looking for some advice on the following:
This concerns a single batch, some of which was filled into barrels, where it remains currently. The rest was packaged directly and is ready for sale. However, as an amount of the batch remains not racked, the whole batch remains in progress. Therefore the stock of the packaged product cannot be manually adjusted on a product level, which we need to do to account for some leftover stock elsewhere.
Is there an obvious workaround for this issue?
Perhaps to dissociate the barrel-aged version from the rest, to complete the batch?
Many thanks in advance

An answer to this would be much appreciated.

Hi Stephen,
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you here, we were discussing the best solution for this.
If you need to make a stock adjustment against an in-progress batch, you can actually currently do this via a stock take and just changing the one line. You’d have to make sure that stock wasn’t changed elsewhere (orders leaving duty suspense/racking etc) while you performed the stock take, for obvious reasons.
We’ve decided that we’ll remove the restriction stopping you from making a stock adjustment on an in-progress batch, with a warning not to do this unless there’s no other option. This restriction was added simply to ensure users were using Breww as intended (racking from a batch) but as you’ve pointed out, there are some situations where it is needed. This change should show within the next day or 2.
I hope this helps but let me know if there’s anything else. Again, apologies for the delay. Thanks,

Hi MAtt,

Unfortunately I still cannot manually edit this item. any thoughts?



It should now be possible to do this. Sorry for the delay

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