How to add a stop to a run?

Say I want to add a stop (not associated with an order) to a run, is there a way of doing this that I’ve missed?

Currently, for example, I’m using a (free) service product for “Drop Bulk Beer for Packaging”. Is there a better way?

You could add the packager as a customer and then arrange a container uplift. I realise this is a workaround, but it allows you to fit a non-delivery stop into your run for optimisation, etc. You can then complete the “uplift” without actually collecting any containers.

To arrange an uplift, go to the customer’s account page and then the “Containers & uplift orders” tab.

I hope this works, thanks!

Hmm. Yes, that’ll work. It gets the stop onto the manifest. Thank you.

I wonder if a generic “stop” or “call” might be worth me putting in as a FR. Or something.

In this case, ideally, I’d like a delivery note (our driver tends to work his way though a bunch of delivery notes), but no invoicing.

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Thanks, Jon, yes, I think a feature request for a generic “visit” or something like that would be good. The visit could have a notes box and we could (optionally) include a printed sheet for the visit (with the notes showing) in the correct position in the run’s delivery notes.


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Have done:

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