How do people use BREWW for telesales

Hi BREWW community,

I have a telesales person starting at the brewery soon and intrigued to find out how others are using BREWW to assist with telesales?


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Hi Thomas, thanks for raising this in the community! Creating customer call lists is a great place to start when using telesales in Breww. These lists can be static or dynamic, meaning there is great versatility when working through which customers you need to call, and it allows you to organise your CRM activity. Our help article Creating customer lists should guide you through how to set these up. Breww also has a customer leads tool designed to help generate new business. This allows you to target specific areas and potential customers and move them along a leads board. We have an overview of this feature from when it was launched, “Leads” and sales pipelines now fully supported in the Breww CRM . It would be great to show this in action to you and your new staff member, so please raise a support ticket, and I’d be more than happy to arrange a demonstration for you.

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