How can I create a mixed pack containing our beer and guest beer

Hello, we have contract brewed beers, these are duty paid so we have them in Breww as stock items > guest beers. I want to make up a 6 pack mixed pack which includes 2 of these contract brewed beers and also one of our own.

Is there a way to do this? Both these options don’t work
Create Product > Stock Item. This only has stock item products, no in house beers
Create Product > Small Pack Mixed-pack does not allow me to add guest beers, only those brewed ourselves

Hope that makes sense

Can you make a “6 pack” which only uses your (2) beers. Add the “guest beers”, “when assembling” like you’d add secondary packaging. Would that work?

Perhaps there’s a better way…

This is an excellent question! @jon-kyme, you are pretty much there with your answer. It comes down to how the components are registered in Breww. Guest beers are considered stock items as you buy them in as they stand, whereas beers you produce are considered products.

So how to create a mixed pack of your beer products and guest beer stock items? You will need to create a Smallpack multi-pack product with just your beers to start with and continue the product set-up until you get to the question Do you use any stock items when packaging or assembling, at this point, you can add your guest beers as stock items used when making this product, finalise your product and you are ready to go.

It is worth noting that if you are ever doing this for a mixed pack with only one of your beers, the process is the same, except you, will create a Smallpack single product for your beer and add the guest beers in the same way as for the Smallpack multi-pack.

Hopefully, this is helpful, but any questions are more than welcome!

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