Filter Sales based on Fulfilment Not required

Im trying to clear my view of the sales screen. I can use the Undelivered orders filter, which is pretty much what I want, but that still shows “Fulfilment Not required” orders in the list. And we actually have quite a lot of these.

I have tried going through all the filter options, but I can’t find a way to specifically filter out the Not Required orders.

Any ideas?

Hi Ben,

Thanks for posting here on the community! Taking a look, this was not actually a filter option available on the sales page. We have, however, just made a new update live for you, which will allow you to do this. I would suggest going to your Sales page and choosing the undelivered orders filter option, which will populate the BrewwQL field. If you add to the end of the BrewwQL statement: and fulfillment_required = True, you can then hit save to overwrite the undelivered orders filter to filter out orders which do not require fulfilment for you automatically.

Perfect - Many thanks!

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