Fermentation Reading

Is there a place to change what kind of reading is being taken? I am trying to add fermentation readings during the brewing that is not an original gravity or final gravity. please help

Hi Landon,

Thanks for raising this question on the community! Readings can be added in the analysis tab of a batch or added to the recipe and shown on the brew sheet, I am not entirely sure which you are asking about, but hopefully, I can answer your question here.

You can add a fermentation reading at any point in the Analysis tab of an in-progress batch. When it comes to Gravity, you will always have the option to select Original Gravity and Final Gravity in order to get a calculated ABV, but you can also leave the Gravity reading type set to blank (---------- ) for any other gravity readings throughout the batch production process.

Readings can also be added to recipes and will therefore show on the Brewing page and brew sheet for a batch. To add a reading to a recipe, you will want to open the recipe in Breww, select Edit recipe and within the relevant stage, you can choose Add action and take reading which will allow you to choose a reading and set your expected range. In the case of Gravity, you will also see a checkbox to have this reading entered onto the analysis tab.

If you want to add other reading types to the analysis tab, you can do so in SettingsProduction settings by scrolling down to the header Fermentation readings form, where you will see several other reading types you can add like Sulphur, VDK, CO₂ and others. If there are any other measures you would like to see added, there is a feature request for Fermentation Reading Form - additional measures, which would be worth voting for and adding your comments to.

If we’ve misunderstood at all, let us know, and if you can attach a screenshot of the place in Breww that they’re looking at, we’ll be able to identify which area of Breww this is.

I hope this does help, but let us know if you have any questions at all.

This is perfect! That was a great reply. I just needed to know that the OG and FG dropdown can be left blank. It is a lot easier to add that information there.

Is there a way to change an Original gravity reading in this menu? I put a fermentation reading with the tag original gravity and I want to make sure that it doesn’t mess up my ABV.

Hi Landon,

Excellent, I am glad it helped! Yes, if you revisit the analysis tab of your batch and use the pencil (edit) button on the original gravity line, you can correct the reading entered on the batch.

Let us know if you need any more support at all.