Gravity readings and temperature correction queries

I’m investigating the recording and analysis of fermentation readings within the batch page. In our preBreww days we always took a reading and the temperature and then corrected to 20C. I see I can input the gravity and temperature for each reading - is Breww correcting these to a temperature or do I need to enter gravity readings I have corrected myself?

Secondly we take gravities to 5 significant figures (e.g. 1037.7) When I enter these into Breww and then hover the mouse over a point in the graph it comes up as 1.038. Is this a graph thing or do i need to round my figures?


Hi David,
Breww doesn’t adjust the readings for temperature. You have to do that yourself and enter the adjusted gravity reading. The temp reading is more to show the fermentation temperature in the FV instead of the sample temp.

Oh, and you can enter the readings to the decimal place you require (i.e 1.0344) it just doesn’t show on the graph. The graph is great for checking out trends, and seeing how your fermentation compares to previous batches, but you are better at looking in analysis for the details.




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