Show cursor position on hover over batch comparison graph

Would it be possible for the cursor arrow to show the X,Y coordinates as I move it around? If I could see that a beer will hit a gravity of 1.011 72.4 hours after fermentation began that would be really useful. I’m trying to find uses for the “Compare with recent brews” graphs in the analysis tab

Thanks for the great suggestion, thanks David. I’ve split this from the original thread Gravity readings and temperature correction queries to the feature request section so we can keep track of this though to implementation for you :+1:

David, we’ve been able to add some extra lines to the graph when hovering which should help you here. They don’t show the exact coordinates as requested, but this was something we could quickly enable whereas showing the coordinates on hover would take longer.

I’ll keep this thread open until we can complete the task as requested, but I hope today’s change is a useful addition in the meantime :+1: