Excluding No Value Invoices From Xero Sync

We use the logistics side of Breww to manage 3pl for our contract customers so a large portion of our orders are at no value as a means to track deliveries for charging.

This means we have a lot of invoices that are not required to be sync’d into Xero. A couple of suggestions below,

An option to exclude no value invoices from the sync. Having the ability to use alpha numeric invoice numbers that don’t disrupt the sequential auto-assigned numbers would be helpful as well.

An option for an order to be ‘Delivery Docket Only’, tracking everything as an invoice would but only as a movement of product rather than a sale. Again, ability to mirror the 3pl customers invoice number as the reference without disrupting the auto-assigned invoice numbers would be helpful.

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I think this would be the most useful option. It might overlap with:

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Thanks for the suggestions, Zac and Jon. I agree that these would be great additions and could work well with the other “visit” feature request.

If anyone else would find this helpful, please give it a vote with the button in the top-left :+1:

are they close enough to merge? Or could we come up with a super-request into which they could both be merged? :grinning:

I think they might be best kept separate, to be honest, as the “visit” feature wouldn’t help with the stock reduction part, which keeping these as orders/invoices does solve. Invoicing Sequence Numbers is also related here as that would prevent these from interfering with the numbering sequence of their own orders/invoices.

In this case, I’m not sure that a straight “don’t sync £0 invoices to Xero” is the right solution as it’s quite heavy-handed and you might have a genuine £0 invoice of your own, which should be synced (for customer statements, etc). However, if we built Invoicing Sequence Numbers and allowed different customers to fall into different sequences, such as one for 3PL customers and one for all other customers, then we could add an option to disable the sync of individual sequences to Xero completely. If we went down that route, this would also then not need the Include a "visit" on a (delivery) run/route changes at all (but don’t worry, we’re certainly going to build that feature regardless)!

Super-requests (great term btw!) are a double-edged sword - on the one hand, they can get lots of votes and get to the top of the list, but they can also become so big that the implementation is hard to organise and test. Often it can be faster and easier for us to build, test and release smaller components of big features in stages, and by getting there in smaller steps, we actually get to the end result faster.