Invoicing Sequence Numbers

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Is there any way to personalise the invoice numbers so that it can be specific to customers?

I’d like, for example, all my eebria order to start with a prefix ‘EEB’ or my Squarespace to start with ‘SQS’ and have different sequences of numbers for each of the specified customers.

I’ve found the section that lets me change the prefixes of all of the invoices going forward but I’d like to clearly separate the different orders for uploading to our accountancy software. This is mainly to keep numbers in order and keep our accountants happy.


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Any Ideas on this?



Great news, Sean; you can now configure separate number sequences for orders entered manually into Breww, and those from integrations :tada:

For more information on how this works and how to configure it, please see the help guide - Define invoice and credit note numbering sequence/format. Thank you :+1:

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