Exclude products from revenue dashboard


I would really like to exclude some products to be counted towards revenue in Dashboard/reports

We are using a service product for keg deposits (this is a standard practice in our territory) as it is currently the only way we can implement it until Breww has a dedicated option for DRS .

This is obviously not revenue but it is counted towards it in the breww dashboard and influences the numbers quite a bit as it is €60 per keg. On the accountancy level we book these on a separate (non-revenue) account - so there it is not an issue, but I would like it to not show up on the dashboard.

Hope to hear!

I understand why this would be useful, but I’m not sure this is the right thing for us to be building now, to be honest. It’s an extremely one-off use-case (I think) and only needed as another really good feature (DRS) hasn’t been built yet and building this would only delay building the actual DRS feature.

We’ve also got a request which we’re keen to get to, for more advanced reporting and customisable dashboards which would likely cover this situation too - Dashboard customisation with custom KPIs & reports and if we built a specific feature to exclude some products from the dashboard now it would probably clash with the main task for dashboard customisation.

I’m sorry, I know this isn’t what you’d have wanted to hear, but I hope we have a solution for you before too long by way of those other features.

I know I have a couple of conflicting things coming into focus because we are non-uk (duty and DRS situations primarily) - so bit of a niche customer.

But I can still imagine that others would want to filter out products or types of products like merchandise or POS material as the margins are so very different to the core product. Within accountancy you also filter these out so would be great if Breww allows this as well?

Indeed I have spotted the demand for customisable dashboards as well elsewhere

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