Deposit Return Scheme (DRS)

The Scottish DRS scheme is due to come into force in July 2022 and I wondered if there was any planned functionality to help with managing DRS tracking/requirements? Full details of requirements are not available yet from SEPA (enforcement authority) but it would be helpful if Breww could add the 20p deposit for Scottish customers and provide traceabilty.

Hi Hazel,

Thanks for the suggestion. We’d love to support this, especially as it’s expected to come to the rest of the UK at some point, and many other European countries have a similar scheme.

It would be great to get some input from yours and other breweries on how you’d like it to work. Would you like the deposit charge to be automatically added to each product, or to be added separately to an invoice? How would you like to record the deposit return, would a credit note work for you? What reporting would you require? Something to report on how many deposits you took and how many you paid back would be good. A few of these features may depend on the full details, once released.
Any input would be appreciated.


I don’t have full details of the scheme yet in terms of administration requirements but I think it would be best to have the system detect a Scottish customer based on postcode and automatically add the deposit which could be overridden if needed. The returns side I don’t understand so well yet. Also it gets complicated because some of our trade customers in England would in turn sell back to Scotland…

If any other Scottish breweries who are using Breww already (we are in the process of migrating) have any ideas on this it would be helpful. Otherwise we can pick up nearer the time once more details are known.

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Hi, curious about updates on this - as here in NL a deposit scheme on cans comes into force officially from 01/0/23 - with a lead in period from 10/22. Also lacking some info still on the practicalities.

Moreover here returnable kegs are always supplied with a deposit attached and we are investigating a move from one-way. So hoping both these will be available somewhere this year?

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we are moving faster than expected on this timeline so I will be having to implement a deposit scheme for kegs pretty soon - I will be able to implement this via the service products.

But it would be ideal if a deposit is automatically added to the invoice when selecting a product in a returnable container. The return of a container would automatically generating a credit note that can be used against a next order.

Curious where this is on your roadmap.



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As we just ordered 140 kegs which will be part of a DRS I am more and more hear if this is in the pipeline or we have to devise a different system. Hope to hear.


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Is there any news on this?

We are currently using a separate deposit product and creditnotes to deal with the DRS.

While a decent temp solutions it is not ideal:

  • There is a risk that deposit products are forgotten as they need to be manually put it in instead of auto-connected to products.
  • the deposit is counted as revenue in the stats even though it is not
  • While the new returned containers report helps for a good overview to credit kegs it would be more ideal to have it automated a bit more.
  • Manual credit invoices is a bit of a hassle for us and the customer - ideally this would be automated and maybe even connected with newer invoices.

FYI currently our country will have a DRS on cans implemented in march 2023.

So curious where you are guys are at

We are also starting to get more information coming through on the scheme for Scotland which will now go live in August 2023. We know we need to be able to apply the 20p deposit at point of sale for those customers in Scotland (also incurs VAT). We know we need to report monthly how much product is destined for Scotland to the scheme. Whilst the rest of the UK goes live with the scheme later than Scotland, any producer/retailer selling in to Scotland will need to do the same.


Thanks Gijs and Hazel for the comments here, it’s all really useful.

We’ve not got a date on this just yet, but don’t worry, it’s on the radar. We will let you know when we have a further update.