Deposit Return Scheme (DRS)

Well. I think it should be an option - as you can register yourself as a return point - which might be applicable for bigger breweries or breweries that do a lot of on site sales (we have to pay/charge deposits on the cans we sell in our pub, takeaway and webshop as well).

I have another info session today actually - will share the info once I have an english version

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I just realised today that when working with this make sure the deposits are customisable on client level.

As in you can select for which products the customer is liable for deposits.

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Thanks Gijs. Previously, I had noted down the following for the rules to determine if the deposit should be applied could be:

Would this cover what you need (would you be able to fit your customers into customer groups to help ensure only the correct deposits are applied)? Or would this truly be needed at the customer level as this sounds like a lot of work for you to choose on a per-customer basis?

It is more that you can uncheck some boxes on client level.

This occured to me as I will have at least one bar I have the agreement with not to charge for the deposits of kegs, but will have to charge the can deposits to in the future (as that is not voluntary)

I would rather not separate it out on type level as that muddles other reporting.

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Hi Luke,

The english version of the second session is now available in the drive.

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I’m actually at the 2 day Deposit Return Scheme conference in Glasgow at the moment. Hazel has done a good job and flagging some of the issues and needs of brewers. I would raise a couple of things that I have picked up:

  1. The VAT issue is not resolved yet and so I would suggest that in building anything you ensure that VAT can be set for the deposits separately to the main system as this may not be resolved very quickly

  2. Producing data on your own customers is one thing and what has been suggested above is very sensible and we must display and show the deposits as a seperate line item. However the issue facing us is managing our trade customers that then sell to Scotland. They may well not know (especially if they are online sellers) how much they are going to sell in Scotland so we will need to get data back from them each month how much they have sold to Scotland. We will then have to bill them for the deposits for what they have sold. So this means I think we will need a flag in the system that says this is a customer that has said they sell to Scotland. We then need to be able to add the data we receive from them to generate the deposits invoice. This data then needs to be added to the report which picks up our own customers so that we can send a combined report to Circularity Scotland.

I hope that the above makes sense and happy to be involved going forward. It would also be worth talking to SIBA who have a wealth of knowledge between Barry Watts and Jamie at Fyne Ales in Scotland

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I’m also at the conference in Glasgow and have picked up a lot more insight into the requirements for go live which I can summarise later.

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Hi sorry for delay in answering your questions. I think there is a bit potential to over complicate this but equally there are lots of factors to consider particularly because none of the systems are identical. It is inevitable that the Scottish and rUK systems will not be aligned (size of deposit, articles included etc). And the Netherlands is different still! I would recommend a small working group to be represented by the various schemes to see if we can get something simple enough that would be customisable as required by each geography? I have much more insight following the conference in Glasgow this week and would be happy to contribute.

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