Enabling your accountancy Integration

Before Breww can begin syncing data with your accountancy platform, you will need to ensure your accountancy integration is enabled, and there are two things that you need to do.

Set up a default sales and bank account in Breww

A default sales and bank account is required before background syncing can occur. These are set in IntegrationsAccountancyActionsConfigurationSettings.
Check that under the header Default accounts (nominal codes) & tracking categories that you have set at minimum a Default sales account and under the header Bank accounts a Default bank account.

If these are not set you will not be able to enable your accountancy integration.

Enable syncing

Once you have finished setting up your accountancy integration, you will need to enable syncing.
If your accountancy integration is not yet enabled, you can do this by going to IntegrationsAccountancyActionsEnable integration, or from the integrations settings page using the slider on screen.

Last checks before you start syncing

Before you start syncing, there are a few things you will want to make sure you are happy with.

Have you mapped your Breww customers and suppliers to your accountancy platform?

In order to prevent duplicate customers or suppliers from being created in your accountancy platform, it is crucial to make sure you map your customers in Breww to your customers in Xero. Just starting out with Breww? You can use your accountancy integration to download your customers into Breww. If you want to know more, check the section on Mapping & downloading customers & suppliers in our Accountancy software integrations guide.

Have you checked your Sync Setting?

Sync settings determine what data will be synced between Breww and your accountancy platform, as well as how this data will be synced. This will include whether things are uploaded as drafts, your account defaults for how customer groups are handled, and whether accountancy accounts set on customers or products take priority. We have more information on sync settings in the Sync settings section of our Accountancy software integrations guide.