Why haven't some of my invoices/other documents/payments appeared in my accounting software?

Check the upload status and “sync messages”

We’d advise taking a look at your accounting configuration settings in Breww (IntegrationsAccountancyView settings).

From here you can check on the upload statuses of your invoices/credit notes/etc and whether any “sync messages” have been generated for documents that have failed to upload. These messages can be found in the tab named “Sync messages”. These messages should provide the answer as to why specific items haven’t been uploaded, which will allow you to resolve the issue either in Breww or your accounting software.

Often these messages come directly from the accounting platform and sometimes can be a little cryptic! If you’re unsure how to resolve a specific message, please comment below with the message, and we’ll explain what needs to be done.

By default, we also don’t sync invoices & other documents up to your accounting provider that were generated before the sync was enabled, but these can be force uploaded from the Upload statuses tab within the configuration menu.

I’ve fixed the issue in the sync message, but it has still not been uploaded

When you fix an issue described in a sync message, such as adding a missing address on an invoice, this doesn’t automatically trigger Breww to re-attempt the upload. To save bombarding the accounting platforms with repeated failures, Breww will re-attempt failed uploads just a couple of times per day and will do them in small batches.

Generally, we’d recommend just waiting for Breww to re-attempt the upload (wait at least 8-10 hours). You can check the “Last seen” column on the sync messages to see if Breww has re-attempted the upload and had the same failure message, or if it’s just not yet tried again.

If you need the invoice (or any other document) to be re-uploaded immediately, or you are not sure if your “fix” for the sync message is right, you can force it to re-sync without waiting for Breww to do it automatically. This can be done from the All sync statuses tab and using the force upload button next to the applicable document. You’d need to go through them one-by-one though, so you might find it easier to just wait for Breww to find them. After clicking the upload button, please allow a couple of minutes for them to appear in your accounting software, or for the “Last seen” time to be updated in the “Sync messages” tab.

Understanding specific sync messages

Some common sync messages, that may seem a little cryptic at first, are explained below.

There is no account mapped to the external payment gateway ‘stripe’ and a back-up has not been set. Please map the payment gateway to an account or set an account for integration payments.

This means that you have a payment on an order from an integration (such as your web-shop). Breww needs to know which bank account to put the payment against. In the example above, we have “stripe”, but this could be anything that your integration has told Breww and the same process will apply.

Go to the Settings tab in your accountancy integration section in Breww, then scroll down to the section labelled “Integration bank accounts”. From here, you can set an account for each payment method (“stripe” in this case), or set a back-up to use for all integration payment methods. It looks a bit like this:

If, for example, you accept payments via Stripe or PayPal and want to ensure they always go to a different account, we’d suggest setting an account for both Stripe and PayPal, but leaving the back-up “Integration account” blank. If you had filled the “Integration account” box, this will mean that if you introduce a new payment method in the future (maybe cash on collection), these payments will automatically go to the “Integration account”, and you may need to manually reclassify them. If you don’t fill the “Integration account” box, then these payments will instead be held up with a sync message and you’ll get a chance to set the correct account for these payments before they get uploaded.

If you always want all integration payments, of any method, to go to the same account without being prompted, then fill in the “Integration account” box.

This article applies to all items that Breww will upload to your accounting software, including:

  • Invoices
  • Credit notes
  • Customers
  • Inventory receipts (bills)
  • Payments received against invoices

This also applies to all of our supported accounting integrations, including:

  • Xero
  • QuickBooks
  • Sage
  • Clear Books
  • KashFlow
  • Visma eAccounting

Have tried forcing upload from Breww to Xero but its just sat in a ‘Pending’ status. Sync is active and access valid. Defaut sales and bank account set.

Sorry for the delay getting back to you, Darren.

We had some scheduled maintenance going on over the weekend which resulted in a delay with the processing of “background events” such as uploading of invoices to Xero. It’s likey this was why you were seeing a delay here.

If you’re still seeing this as “Pending”, can you please let us know. Thanks.

No worries. They have now all uploaded. Got a slightly different problem. Payments dont appear to be syncing even though this option is selected in sync settings

Next to each payment (for an uploaded invoice), there should be an icon of a tick or cross in a circle, a bit like in this screenshot:

Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 18.19.49

If you hover over this icon, it should tell you the accountancy sync situation with the payment.

It may be worth noting that if your settings were originally set to not upload payments and you later change this, that will not cause all previous payments to upload - it only affects payments from this point on.

What leads to an Accountancy integration (Xero) status being “Don’t upload”?

Hi Jon! An invoice might be marked as “Don’t upload” for a few reasons.

The first reason is when you first enable your accountancy integration, all previously “Invoiced” orders are set as “Don’t upload”. Breww assumes that the invoices have been dealt with manually in your accounting software before this. So to prevent duplicates from being accidentally uploaded, they are marked as “Don’t upload” as a precaution. Although you can then still manually override this on a per-invoice basis.

Ecommerce & POS integrations can also mark invoices as “Don’t upload”. The majority of these allow you to specify whether you’d like orders downloaded from the ecommerce platform to be uploaded or not to your accountancy software. If you select that you don’t, Breww will mark them as “Don’t upload” when they are imported.

The only platform-specific reason is Sage 50, which doesn’t allow zero-value invoices. So if you’re using Sage 50, Breww marks these invoices as “Don’t upload”.

Ahh. And Arggh. We had the Eebria integration set to “No, don’t upload imported orders…” But our accounts elves did in fact need them. Now sorted, thank you. But… Is there a way of forcing uploads for all (historical) orders / invoices for a particular customer?

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I’m afraid invoices can only currently be force uploaded one by one. But we have recently added the ability to search for the customer’s name on the Sync status table for invoices, so you should be able to search for “Eebria” there, see which haven’t been uploaded, and force upload the ones you’d like!

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Hey, I have 37 sync messages within my Accountancy Integrations. The upload statuses are all complete but the payment doesn’t appear to have transferred across to our accountancy software. The two reasons given are shown in the image below. We have not altered any settings and these messages seem to have only just started to appear. With the message ‘Payments can only be made against Authorised documents,’ these are linked to invoices which have had cash payments added within Breww which have then not transferred over to Xero. Any ideas for a solution?

Hi Holly! For the “There is no default integration account mapping…” message, you will need to set a default “Integration bank account” for your integration payments to be uploaded (i.e. any payment that is created from a sales platform integration). You can do that from your accountancy menu under the Default accounts section on the left-hand side. Once that’s done, Breww should upload them within a few hours.

The “Payments can only be made against Authorised documents” message usually occurs when invoices are uploaded as “Draft” to Xero, as Xero won’t allow payments to be created for “Draft” invoices. Once the invoice has been “Approved” in Xero, the payment should then upload.

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All my purchase orders (and other documents for that matter) have uploaded to Xero except one. I have clicked force upload several times over the last 24 hours but still nothing?

Hi Lisa,

I’m sorry for the issue here. Would you mind raising a support ticket, allowing us access to your account, so we can look at the specific example and get this resolved?