Draft orders being prevented delivery

We have started using the customer credit limit functions on Breww. We have found that you can still add an order onto the system to reserve the stock as a draft order, however this has not stopped the draft order being dispatched.
We ideally need a setting where only confirmed orders move through to shipping/draft orders are prevented from going through to shipping, as several times our drivers have now gone to pubs with a draft order when the customer is over the credit limit.

Thanks for the suggestion… I’ve some good news and in record time I think! :tada:

We were making an update related to credit limits and have been able to add this into that as it’s a simple change from our side.

The Prevent order confirmation option has been renamed to Prevent order confirmation and delivery/collection scheduling and will work just as before, but also prevent scheduling a delivery.

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That is brilliant thanks for the rapid update :smiley:
Is this live now?

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Yes, this should be live now :+1:

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