Custom notes on an active brewsheet


Just thinking about the brew sheets - I tend to use the digital ones to try and avoid printing un-needed paper.
Tangent - since using Breww I have managed to cut down my paper usage significantly, which is great!

When working through the brew day, is there anyway to have customs notes added to a specific task. When creating a recipe, you can add notes, and of course can add an actual ‘take notes’ task, but is there anyway to be able to tag a note on the brew sheet while using it.

For instance the mash temp is a couple of degrees low, so on the task which records mash temp, a space to just add a note to say - Mash temp lower than target, due to bla bla-

I realise this can be done in the batch notes, but I tend to review the last batch brew sheet when brewing the next batch, just to see any fine tuning needed, and my paper brew-sheets used to be covered with notes at the end of a brewday.