Differentiate between "Done with no ingredient used" on a brewsheet and "I've deliberately skipped this item"

There are occasions when your recipe will tell you to add an ingredient with a lot number, but you may not want to add it. Currently Breww forces you to choose a lot and nonzero quantity.

Yeast, for example. If I’m repitching, I don’t want to take any from my inventory. My current workaround is to have 2 recipes: one with a new pitch and one with a repitch. But this doubles the work needed to maintain/update recipes.

Acidulated malt is another example: I may not want to add any if the pH of my mash is low enough.

Perhaps a more general solution: add a “Skip” checkbox in addition to “Done?” for each brew sheet step. It means I’ve noted the recipe step but decided to ignore it. Perhaps be able to add a note as to why it was skipped.

Hi Erik,

Ah yes - the “Done” checkbox is meant to do exactly this and basically represent both “Done” and “Skip”. You should be able to simply tick “Done” next to the ingredient addition on the brew sheet, without selecting a batch number for that ingredient addition. Checking it like this effectively means it acts as a “Skip” box, and Breww will then ignore it for the purposes of the “Next ingredient step” and also “Fermentation ingredients yet to be added”.

Let me know though if I’ve misunderstood!


:man_facepalming:You’re right…mea culpa. For some reason I was under the impression I couldn’t check “Done?” unless I filled in lots and amounts. I guess I felt guilty saying I’d done it when I hadn’t :wink: Thanks!

Haha, no worries at all! There’s no reason it would be immediately obvious, some info text there would be a good idea I think!

Jumping on this, it could be assumed that while the tick box has been ‘ticked’ the brewer has simply forgotten to add the batch rather than actively chosen to skip the step by ticking the box. I think it would be helpful to have an option for either a zero quantity or ‘not added/consumed’ so it is clear whether it was a conscious decision or an oversight, along with an optional note/reason. This will help when keeping inventory levels up to date too.

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Hi is there any further thought on adding to this as we are still having issues where the brewer ticks the box but doesn’t add the batch and its unclear down the line whether this has been accidently missed or an intentional skipped step and our inventory accuracy suffers (as well as raw material traceability). This would be really helpful for us.

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Thanks Hazel, this is really useful insight and I can see how the two are quite different and knowing the difference between missing a step and deliberately skipping it is pretty much impossible right now.

We’re working on a major project to improve lots of things related to brew-day at the moment. I can’t guarantee it, but we’ll see if we can get something along these lines implemented with this project, or shortly after.

In the meantime, a note could be added to the stage on the brewsheet (at the bottom of the page) to record that a step is deliberately missed (assuming the note isn’t forgotten either).