Change Stock tracking unit for an inventory item

We’ve set up some stock items with a Stock tracking unit of Kg, should be “units”.
How to change this?
If I edit the item I seem only to be able to change between Kg & g

Thanks for the question, Jon. You’re right, that once you have chosen a unit class (weight, volume or per-unit) you’re locked into that type. This is because Breww knows how to convert between kg and g, for example, but it cannot convert kg to Litres or units.

If you open a support ticket (granting us account access) and let us know which specific stock items you’d like swapped to “units”, we can do this for you behind the scenes. If you had, for example, 10 kg in stock this would become 10 units in stock.

We’re also going to remove the default from that field when creating a stock item as at the moment this defaults to kg which is likely why you have a number of items set to this erroneously. We’ll change this so a stock tracking unit must be manually selected for all new stock items.


Thank you! Have opened ticket.

I’d have thought converting from one unit of measure to another is trivial. Just do it. If I’ve got 20 kg of an item and I want to convert to units, I can do the arithmetic myself (based on the unit weight, or if it’s an error, 1:1, then change the quantity as required). I appreciate that the g/Kg is a convenience, but that’s all. What’s the point of “baking in” the UoM?

To be clear, this is totally my own fault, I’m genuinely interested in why Breww does this. Wasn’t whining.

It’s a good question, thanks :smile:

If Breww understands that something is 10 kg then it can do clever things. For example (whilst not possible today, but probably useful in future), you might want to buy something in kg from your supplier, but use it in a recipe in grams as you use so little as time. Without Breww knowing what a kg is and what a gram is this would be impossible. We’re just future-proofing this, to be honest. Since we launched the option for using grams, we’ve seen lots of items previously tracked in kg converted to be tracked in grams, without this understanding of the unit, this wouldn’t have been feasible.

If you had something tracked by Litres and later wanted this in kg, we don’t store/prompt you for a conversion factor so we cannot do the conversion (how much does a Litre weigh?).

Sure, I take your point. My point (to dignify it a bit) is that if Breww doesn’t know a conversion (i.e. for everything except kg/g), then 1:1 is a perfectly good default, since the user could adjust the quantities appropriately (with a heads-up / warning on a UoM change perhaps). In my experience most brewers are quite good at simple arithmetic.

Anyhoo, thanks again.

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