Scaling and UOM

I have 2 questions:
First - how do we convert the program to use imperial units vice metric?
Second - how do we scale a recipe up or down?

Thanks for the questions and welcome to Breww.

  1. At the moment Breww only supports metric units, but we’ve been working on support for US imperial units recently and we’re looking to put this option live imminently. We’ll let you know when this is ready to switch to. In the meantime, please ensure that all volumes are entered in Litres and weights in Kilograms, as when the new option goes live these will be converted to Gallons/Pounds for you.
  2. When adding a recipe you enter the recipe batch size (in Litres currently!) and then when creating a batch of beer, you also enter the batch size. If the batch size is different to the recipe’s, Breww will automatically scale the ingredients for you.