Unit of Measure on Stock Take File

It would be useful to include the unit of measure on the Stock Take CSV file so that whomever is taking the stock has a reference to what weight/volume/etc they should use/record the value in.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m sure that we can look at adding this.

Just to confirm, this could be added as a column, however, it wouldn’t be read when importing the file again, so changing the UOM in the file wouldn’t impact the available stock. For example, if you originally had 10kg of something and changed the UOM to grams (leaving the quantity as 10), this wouldn’t become 0.01kg. I’d be a little concerned that this might cause confusion and incorrect stock levels, so we would need to be mindful of this when determining how best to implement this.

If anyone else would like to see this, please use the “Vote” button in the top-left.