Bulk Update Customers to sites

I’m looking for a way to bulk add customers to a site so that they can only order from that site. We have stock in holding that is not available for sale so want to keep it in a separate location and not have in accidently put onto an order. To be able to assign multiple customers to a site at once and also bulk update the " Use only linked sites for deliveries?" checkbox would be useful.

Sorry for the delay getting back to you.

It’s not currently possible to bulk assign customers to a site or bulk update the “Use only linked sites for deliveries” field on a customer, but these are both great suggestions which I’ll add to our feature requests list.

Can I ask - is your reason for using this feature because you’re needing to keep packaged beers separate for “quarantine”, conditioning or something similar (as per this)? If so, we’re going to be building a specific feature for this soon which might be a better option here (if this is your reason for doing this at least).

We are currently stillaging beers that we then rerack into Bag in Box for home deliveries after a couple of days. As we don’t want these to be sold we are currently putting them on a draft invoice but would like to move them to a separate location within Breww that can’t be accidently sold from. Cheers

That makes sense, thanks. I think the “on-hold product” feature would be the best option for you here. I’ll give this your vote too and try to get this bumped up the requests list for you.